• Atlanta Sports Roundup

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    Atlanta Sports roundup

    Hi, thanks for dropping in to our little hidden oasis. We like to think it’s a pretty cool place.

    We’re Braves fans here, and Falcons fans.  We used to be Thrasher fans until the up’d and moved to Winnipeg.  If you’re not a fan of those teams, that’s allright.  Just sit there, drink your martini and be quiet.

    Kidding, of course, you’re free to cheer for your team, just not too loudly.

    Ok, so let’s take a look at our beloved Braves…how’re they doing so far?  Early in the season and we’re sitting at 15 losses and 18 wins, so at least we’re over 500.  We lost our last game to the hated Red’s from Cincy, that sucked.   When the season started, I had a hard time recognizing any of the players – it seems we traded almost everytbody.  Thank God Freedie Freeman and Andrelton Simmons stuck around.  Freddie, I think, is our next Chipper Jones – a true ball player and, I hope, loyal to the town and team.  Locals love him.  Adrelton is a for-real ball player.  The guy is just GOOD, so I hope he sticks around Atlanta for many years.

    Who’d we lose?  Only a “who’s who” of a roster:

    • Kimbrel, our closer and a fun guy to watch, went to the Padres (gasp!)
    • Brian McCann, the best catcher around, ends up at the Yankees (double gasp!)
    • Jason Heyward, a crowd favorite, went to the Cardinals
    • Dan Uggla left, although nobody in Atlanta really cares about that.

    Oh woe is me, my team is melting before my eyes.  Well, we all loved Jason but honestly, he never really lived up to the hype.  He was also on the verge of free agency and we probably would have lost him anyway, so it’s better that we got something valuable in return.  As far as losing McCann, well, that hurts but we do have an awesome replacement in the (very imposing form) of Gattis.  Gattis is a true catcher, a seriously tough character.  Remember the bench clearing brawl last year when everybody was throwing punches?  Gattis ran out of the field to join in but couldn’t find anybody to fight because everybody just stayed away from him.  He cut a swathe through the crowd of brawlers but nobody threw a punch his way.   Kinda funny, but definitely a guy you want guarding the plate for you.

    Our Hawks had a splendid  year (yay!), put Atlanta sports back on the map even if only temporarily.

    The Falcons…oh yea.  Mike is gone (yay) but personally I wish he had taken Matty Ice with him.  I think Matt Ryan is a good quarterback, I just don’t think he’s a great one and you don’t win Super Bowls without  a great quarterback.  We need to let him go and get started on the next one – get the next new guy in the slot and taking snaps.  Matt won’t get us there but maybe the next guy can.

    Our receiving corps is the best in the league and we can’t get through the playoffs.  I know, I know, if Matt had a better line, he’d have more time to throw.  I don’t care, I still want him gone and I’d like to see a replacement that reacts better to pressure.

    Ok, enough for today. Actually, no…one more thing.  Here’s a few pictures of some friends of ours:

    In case you need a reminder:


    braves mascot
    Homer, the Braves mascot

    Homer…can we please name this guy something else?  Other than the name, this guy rocks!

    Thrash, the Thrashers mascot








    …loved this guy.  Thrash brought so much energy to the games, it was incredible.  He used to rapple from the roof between two jets of flames – quite an entrance and did a great job getting the fans fired up (as if that was needed at a hockey game!)

    falcons mascot
    Freddie, the Falcons mascot

    Freedie…I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t even know his name until I started writing this.  He needs a meaner look – would be nice if he looked a little more like Thrash.