• Pressure Washing – Diy or should I hire a pro?

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    I’ve been lamenting the fact that my gutters are clogged again and have been trying to decide if I want to hire somebody to come and take care of this or do it myself.  The nice thing is that most gutter cleaning companies also do pressure washing so I can kill two birds with one stone if I don’t mind shelling out a few bucks.

    Looking around the web for local companies – there’s plenty that are willing to help me out for a few bucks.  Overall, I think the prices are good but, me being me, I hate to pay for anything I can do myself.  I’m fairly certain the Pressure Washing is something I can handle fairly easily.  Going up three stories and cleaning gutters 30-40 feet off the ground, however, is a different story.  I’m  not sure if I should do this from a ladder or just get all the way up on to the roof.

    I found one local company – Hot Pressure Solutions – that published a very good guide titled Diy Or Hire A Pro that outlines what the average diy homeowner can do themselves and what they might want to offload to a contractor…and why.  Find it at http://hotpressuresolutions.com/hire-a-pro-or-diy.

    For example, I considered getting up on the roof and standing near the edge to clean the gutters as the scariest part of this.  The guide, however, adds to that by explaining that overhangs and gutters are favorite places for bees and other annoying insects to set up shop.  So, not only do you have the height to contend with, you also may be dancing or running from bees.  Not exactly something you want to do from 3 stories up.

    So, I’ve decided to do it myself and just be very careful about either hanging over the edge from 3 stories up, or dangling on a ladder and upsetting a bee hive.

    Wish me luck…


  • Party Time – Atlanta party rentals

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    Parties and Events – Atlanta style

    Bounce House Rentals for parties and events

    Summer is the best time of the year for children. Free from the daily drudgery of school and homework, summers signify ice creams and lots of outdoor playtime. A major portion of the success of your outdoor party depends on how child friendly you make it. Renting fun and safe activities for children is a good way to keep them busy. You can opt for bounce house rentals or inflatable water slides, among others. Bounce house rentals are a great activity for children as they can keep them busy and entertained for hours. Also, renting bounce houses, water slides and other amusements lend a fair ground air to your party.  Other party supplies, such as tents, chairs and tables, can usually be rented from the same Bounce House Rental company you are already working with.

    No More Boring Outdoor Parties

    You’ve experienced both types of parties-those you wish would never end and the others that seem to drag on forever. For the serious socialite, even good parties can begin to feel fairly average. If you’re hosting the party, the last thing you want is for your friends and guests to be checking their watches. The cure to the common outdoor party may surprise you, but it’s certain to liven up just about any outdoor get together. The answer, inflatable rentals!

    When you envision inflatable rentals, you may immediately get a picture of a mass of kids jumping and screaming in a bounce house. There’s no doubt that youngsters love inflatable bouncers, but bouncers merely scratch the surface of the options in inflatable rentals that are available today. No one really ever grows out of the thrill of inflatable rentals. We just need more interesting challenges and more variety as we become older. Take a look at some of the latest crazes in inflatable rentals for the California party scene:

    sumo-suits-oliveroomInflatable Sumo Suits

    If you’ve never seen teenagers or grown adults trying to topple each other over while wearing gigantic inflatable sumo suits, let me tell you-it’s something you don’t want to miss. Wrestling in inflatable sumo suits isn’t only fun for the participants, its hilarious fun for anyone watching. This is a great inflatable rental for any party or even for a company picnic.

    To play, participants get into the enormous inflatable sumo suits and waddle onto the mat while trying to figure out how to maneuver their new gigantic bodies. Regardless of how talented or graceful these wrestlers were prior to stepping into the inflatable sumo suits, they certainly won’t be afterward. It is virtually impossible to get harmed in these gigantic inflatable sumo suits; but your guests may be in pain from laughter.

    Inflatable-Obstacle-Course-oliveroomInflatable Obstacle Courses

    With an inflatable obstacle course, the bigger the better-and there are some really huge and downright fun inflatable obstacle courses available for rental today. Inflatable obstacle courses are a riot for guests of all ages. But from the moment your guests kick of their shoes and step up to the challenge of a gigantic inflatable obstacle course, its funny how quickly people of any age revert to feeling like a kid again.

    Inflatable obstacle courses are ideal for office retreats, family reunions, or any other weekend blowout. Make an event out if it and crown an inflatable obstacle course victor, or just allow people to have fun racing each other on their own terms. At an event with any significant number of people, the inflatable obstacle course will rarely be unoccupied.

    Inflatable Outdoor Games and Challenges

    Everyone loves the thrill of a healthy competition. Mix this with the unusual fun of colorful, oversized inflatable outdoor games and you’ve got a recipe for party success. Inflatable games can be as tame or as wild as your preference. Some of the most popular inflatable games are gladiator jousting, human bowling, and inflatable boxing.

    It’s easy to unerstand how these already fun sports become even more exciting as inflatable games. There are inflatable games for every occasion like inflatable Twister, inflatable tug of war, and a gigantic inflatable slot machine. If you think these inflatable games are fun to imagine, they’re even more fun to hop in and play. When you introduce a tactile experience to your party in the form of inflatable games, yours is certain to be an event that guests won’t soon forget.

    Summer is the season for fun and frolic. Schools and colleges shut their doors, days are hot and long and the afternoons are perfect for lazing around. Summer is the ideal time to be with family and friends, take trips, go to the beach and generally let your hair down and put your feet up.

    Outdoor party time?

    Summer days are characterized with wonderful weather and it is indeed a shame to spend such a day cooped up inside the house. Summertime is great for having outdoor events. It’s the perfect time for organizing outdoor parties for just about any occasion, or to simply get everyone together by the pool or in the garden and have a great time.

    Outdoors versus Indoors

    Organizing an outdoor party requires slightly more effort than organizing a party indoors. A party inside the house generally has a sober atmosphere, where people sit and chat and children play board games. A party in the garden on the other hand is relatively livelier with a lot more space for children to run around and for adults to enjoy their time under the sun. However, proper arrangement of appropriate activities is necessary to ensure that your summer outdoor party is a resounding success.

     Food: The Deciding FactorFood

    The most important part of any party is the food. If the menu does not complement the theme, the party swiftly becomes a disaster. More than the main course, snacks hold the key to a party’s success. These can be something which everyone enjoys. So how about some potato chips and dip, sandwiches, lemonade and other chilled drinks. Another good choice is opting for concession rentals such as popcorn machines, cotton candy, snow cone machines etc. to lend variety to your party food. These machines have the potential to keep children busy and are popular with adults as well.


    Summer is a great time for hosting an outdoor party as days are long and nights are warm. It is ideal to spend quality time with friends and family.

  • Favorite Site

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    My favourite website

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  • Atlanta Sports Roundup

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    Atlanta Sports roundup

    Hi, thanks for dropping in to our little hidden oasis. We like to think it’s a pretty cool place.

    We’re Braves fans here, and Falcons fans.  We used to be Thrasher fans until the up’d and moved to Winnipeg.  If you’re not a fan of those teams, that’s allright.  Just sit there, drink your martini and be quiet.

    Kidding, of course, you’re free to cheer for your team, just not too loudly.

    Ok, so let’s take a look at our beloved Braves…how’re they doing so far?  Early in the season and we’re sitting at 15 losses and 18 wins, so at least we’re over 500.  We lost our last game to the hated Red’s from Cincy, that sucked.   When the season started, I had a hard time recognizing any of the players – it seems we traded almost everytbody.  Thank God Freedie Freeman and Andrelton Simmons stuck around.  Freddie, I think, is our next Chipper Jones – a true ball player and, I hope, loyal to the town and team.  Locals love him.  Adrelton is a for-real ball player.  The guy is just GOOD, so I hope he sticks around Atlanta for many years.

    Who’d we lose?  Only a “who’s who” of a roster:

    • Kimbrel, our closer and a fun guy to watch, went to the Padres (gasp!)
    • Brian McCann, the best catcher around, ends up at the Yankees (double gasp!)
    • Jason Heyward, a crowd favorite, went to the Cardinals
    • Dan Uggla left, although nobody in Atlanta really cares about that.

    Oh woe is me, my team is melting before my eyes.  Well, we all loved Jason but honestly, he never really lived up to the hype.  He was also on the verge of free agency and we probably would have lost him anyway, so it’s better that we got something valuable in return.  As far as losing McCann, well, that hurts but we do have an awesome replacement in the (very imposing form) of Gattis.  Gattis is a true catcher, a seriously tough character.  Remember the bench clearing brawl last year when everybody was throwing punches?  Gattis ran out of the field to join in but couldn’t find anybody to fight because everybody just stayed away from him.  He cut a swathe through the crowd of brawlers but nobody threw a punch his way.   Kinda funny, but definitely a guy you want guarding the plate for you.

    Our Hawks had a splendid  year (yay!), put Atlanta sports back on the map even if only temporarily.

    The Falcons…oh yea.  Mike is gone (yay) but personally I wish he had taken Matty Ice with him.  I think Matt Ryan is a good quarterback, I just don’t think he’s a great one and you don’t win Super Bowls without  a great quarterback.  We need to let him go and get started on the next one – get the next new guy in the slot and taking snaps.  Matt won’t get us there but maybe the next guy can.

    Our receiving corps is the best in the league and we can’t get through the playoffs.  I know, I know, if Matt had a better line, he’d have more time to throw.  I don’t care, I still want him gone and I’d like to see a replacement that reacts better to pressure.

    Ok, enough for today. Actually, no…one more thing.  Here’s a few pictures of some friends of ours:

    In case you need a reminder:


    braves mascot
    Homer, the Braves mascot

    Homer…can we please name this guy something else?  Other than the name, this guy rocks!

    Thrash, the Thrashers mascot








    …loved this guy.  Thrash brought so much energy to the games, it was incredible.  He used to rapple from the roof between two jets of flames – quite an entrance and did a great job getting the fans fired up (as if that was needed at a hockey game!)

    falcons mascot
    Freddie, the Falcons mascot

    Freedie…I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t even know his name until I started writing this.  He needs a meaner look – would be nice if he looked a little more like Thrash.